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Rocket® U2 Clients includes standards-based drivers for Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to connect to U2 via a. Rocket U2 U2 Clients & APIs September Technical Documenation Manage and load MV data into external data sources via U2 replication & EDA. The Rocket Customer Portal is the primary method of obtaining support. A U2 ODBC client application, such as a custom-written ODBC application or a.

Powerful database management and application development tools. Rocket® U2 (UniVerse and UniData) powers mission-critical software solutions for thousands of customers worldwide. Whether developed in-house or purchased as turn-key solutions from Rocket partners, U2 provides the. Hook up with drivers, APIs and tools to connect, manage, and develop in U2 Easily connect to U2 databases with U2 Clients U2 Clients include standards- based. If you are already a Rocket customer and you would like to download a copy of your software or related files to please login to the portal and select MySoftware.

The UniVerse Personal Edition clients are available as a separate download from the Rocket Software web site. They are not included with UniVerse Personal .

Rocket U2 now has an improved way of releasing clients and tools and instead of labeling them as UniData clients or UniVerse clients, it will.

Rocket U2 Clients and APIs Administrative Server Settings and Logging for U2 Clients Version October UCCSUPP-UG Notices Edition.

Rocket U2 has a new way of releasing the clients and tools that Rocket Software used to label as UniData clients or UniVerse clients: now Rocket U2 will. With employees and contractors worldwide, Rocket U2 offers 24x7 customer support services and maintains an international presence. More information about. Rocket U2 is a suite of database management (DBMS) and supporting software now owned by . RocketU2 provides a set of Client Tools to allow software developers to access U2 databases from other software languages. Client Tool.

Demo code from Rocket's MV Servers Lab for UniVerse/UniData/D3 and associated clients, APIs & tools - RocketSoftware/multivalue-lab. Thank you for asking this question. Make sure database '/data/TSAA' is listed in two places. ud_database (see screen shot) (in windows. Rocket U2. Overview U2 Clients and APIs v Technical Documentation Manage and load MV data into external data sources via U2 replication & EDA.

install the ODBC driver that came with the UniVerse client disk but I keep open Rocket U2-> UniVerse ODBC Driver-> ODBC Admins. The answer is that Rocket has decided to split its client tools into two separate NET to the U2 Client namespaces but if people have sensibly. many hadn't looked at Rocket U2 databases in a long time. ▫ Looked at adoption rates. ▫ found a fair number of customers on older releases. 4.

Next, you need to ensure the file included in your Client Tools install ( from Rocket) is in your Yellowfin CLASSPATH. In Linux / Unix -. You'll want to.

Rocket Software is excited to announce the release of U2 Web DE. This update contains fixes or issues customers have reported, including a few PCI. Rocket U2 Incubator 11 Connecting to UniVerse UniVerse applications, like most other applications, are generally client/server or web based. But when it comes. The newest ODBC driver that I download for Rocket U2 wasn't sql statement: [ S][U2][SQL Client][UNIDATA]Column_Default is not a field.

Rocket Software launched Rocket U2 Toolkit for. NET Web applications, as well as SML Web services or smart client applications, using any.

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